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 Nobody expected this summer will be unbelievably hot, more than of a long spell of heat which they assumed.We had a typhoon which direction was unusual at late July, fortunately we didn't get the serious damages but after it's gone we've been have very hot and humid days after all.Lots of people are suffering with heat stroke under this intensive heat, particularly many children had a hard time at school and at kindergarten before summer holidays.No public schools at Shizuoka have facilities of air conditions.I would like to ask to the prefectural assembly to install air conditions in all public schools for saving children's lives.
 This season, infectious gastroenteritis, herpangina, pool fever and hand,foot and mouth disease are spreading.Also, the epidemic of RS virus infection usually spreads at winter time is an incident worthy of mention.
 To avoid heat stroke drinking oral rehydration became popular recently, but among them specially "oral rehydration for sport" there are kinds children should not drink.When children drink oral rehydration containing too much sugar it'll be the factor to gain weight.Also when they eat, the balance of water, of salt and of sugar are important factor but when they eat unbalanced nutrition they might get a damage of the liver and the kidney trouble.Consequently, you would be better choosing oral rehydration for your children after you read its ingredients.Don't forget to keep an eye out for infants because they get dehydration easily.

 Stay in air conditioned indoors all day is bad for your health.Do an sweating exercise when it's getting cool somewhat.  

When you return to your home,make gargling and washing hands into your habit to avoid infectious disease.