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Hi, how are you ?


  Happy new year.
 When corona infection had subsided, new variant of coronavirus, Omicron strain, appeared. In Europe and United States, there are a large amount of infected people. This virus’s tendency is strong infectivity and less severely ill, but when amount of patents will increase this tendency may be changed. The pill preventing corona infection is applying, but it isn’t sure when is the right time to take it, how easy to take it, what is the side effect and so on. Anyway, this is a bright topic.
 There is a small spreading of gastroenteritis recently but no other illness is out standing in my clinic. When influenza will start to spread is the most interest now. Perhaps after January, I guess, when the temperature gets low amounts of patients will increase.
 It’s hardly wait for a time when we get the end of corona infection, but for now we have to protect ourselves with wearing masks and with another things we can do. Holiday season will come soon and there will be many occasions to make us involve with many people. Let’s get ready for that and be survive.
 Many children have problems with lack of exercise and obesity. Of course one of the cause is they can’t play much outside by the regulation for corona infection, also they play much with internet games at home. It’s important for them to get physical exercises, at least by walking, for example.
 For taking the normal life back on 2022, let’s be careful and stay safe.

When you return to your home,make gargling and washing hands into your habit to avoid infectious disease.