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 Weather was unstable and it seemed as if rainy season came back again, but now it’s just an intense hot summer with a lot of rain.
 Coronavirus infection opened the new door and entered the 7th stage transformed into a mutant strain BA5. Medical Institutions and health centers are confused to take it under control. What we have to do now is considering about our situations well when do things, even we’re not under the regulation of avoiding coronavirus. The most important thing for us is to prevent from infecting.
 Besides corona virus infection, heatstroke, enterovirus infection which hand-foot-and-mouth disease and herpangina are spreading. Of course some disease require testing but we have shortages of antigen test kit now, therefor we’re caught in a dilemma but can’t help with.
  It’s reported influenza is prevalent in the Southern Hemisphere, same thing might happen in Japan this winter. Consequently early vaccination is an ideal but it may be confused because we’ll got to deal with coronavirus, too.

 Anyway, a physical strength is the key and we have been surviving during 3 years in corona world, based on that experience let’s get to be stronger. Remember mask on and washing hands whenever go out.

★Viral gastroenteritis★
Viral gastroenteritis which gains in rainy season is spreading. It’s symptom is similar with Norovirus infection and is usually mass break out at a kindergarten and a nursery school. They call it “ Sapovirus infection”, infects from vomit and from diarrhea, its infection speed is fast and spreads within 2 or 3 days. Main symptoms are vomit, diarrhea and fever. General alcohol disinfection is not effective but chlorine bleach does. Use it for disinfection and don’t forget washing hands well.

When you return to your home,make gargling and washing hands into your habit to avoid infectious disease.