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 Each medical institution fulfilled their responsibilities during 10 days off in May and they worked functionally to the first case of a long national holiday. All Japanese bless New Emperor and New Empress, our trust for them are truly deep. This is the best departure to the new era "Reiwa".
 General weather condition isn't as same as usual years, we had summer days in May and we found the patients infected with influenza and with infectious disease. It was amazing but there was already a patient with heatstroke in May. It got cold in the evening and this big temperature difference between day and night, we had hard time to make a diagnosis because we have to think about a possibility of allergic disease and also of flu.
 Infectious gastroenteritis are increasing. There are many factors to fall into vomitting diarrhea, these are when you drunk too much water during day even though you are not used to summer weather physically, or when cool air of night makes your stomach cold, etc. We need more time to get used to hot weather by doing moderate exercise with a proper diet,
 I think you don’t have enough information about RS Virus infection and about Human Metapneumovirus infection (HMPV ), I want you to know these infections are cause of bronchial pneumonia and of pneumonia. You have to know there is no a specific remedy for them, there is only symptomatic therapy for treatment taking about 1 or 2 weeks.
 Rainy season is just around the corner and allergic disease will increase. You have to be careful when you pick up dry laundry because sometimes a hairy caterpillar who gives a cause of rash hides inside of them.

 Sports day and children’s accommodation experience start to be held now. Be well with healthy food and with enough rest, because summer holiday is waiting for you.  

When you return to your home,make gargling and washing hands into your habit to avoid infectious disease.