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Hi, how are you ?


 Corvid-19 is overwhelming all over the planet, it’s prevalent got bigger as pandemic. In the beginning, we had the opinion it’ll be over shortly, but the epidemic started world wide suddenly and now it’s overwhelming includes Europe and U.S.A.. In Japan, we didn’t have too many numbers of people who died from this infection therefor we thought it’s not difficult to stop the epidemic, even though its infectivity is strong. Now after 3 months it’s far from to see the end of epidemic infected people are increasing.
 Maybe we made a mistake at the first time, we weren’t sure about an examination of it and about a cure of it, also we cared only for older people and people who have a chronic illness. All research structures in the world are researching about this New Coronavirus infection everyday but it grows more and more as if mocking them. It needs more time to clarify it.
 I have no idea when we’ve experienced a long restrictions on social life as now but I remember terrified epidemic of swine influenza on 2009. We’ve experienced a hard time but we didn’t get panic because we had influenza treatment medicine at that time. Now I realize treatment medicine is very important to get our normal lives. Concequently we have to find test kit and find treatment medicine as soon as possible.
 There is a report pandemic makes decrease viral infections such as influenza. However, you have to careful about bacterial infection such as hemolytic streptococcal infection because it spreads as usual.
 No matter what, the important things to protect your health are gargling and wearing masks. so please make them your habit.  


When you return to your home,make gargling and washing hands into your habit to avoid infectious disease.