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 It’s the coldest season in a year, and as we expected influenza and coronavirus infection are both spreading. However they aren’t an explosive epidemic like as the first coronavirus infection has started. In my impression, the patients don’t get panic and start to handle their disease well because are getting use to it. If anything, coronavirus infection is decreasing but still is big numbers. From May 5 its category will be category 5 infectious disease which means when you ‘re infected with it you’ll get a medical treatment at a general clinic, but that is a political judgment and doesn’t mean it became a safe infection. Coronavirus vaccination for children isn’t taken enough yet. Also we have to remember unlike influenza, fundamental remedy is not yet widespread.
 Infectious gastroenteritis is the most epidemic now. There’re some kinds in vomiting diarrhea including norovirus. The outstanding point of this infection is strong contagiousness, and once it starts infecting in family or in nursery school, it’ll be a big epidemic in a blink of an eye. When you want to disinfect, alcohol disinfection doesn’t work, so use disinfectant bleach.
 Scattering of pollen will start when getting warm and allergic rhinitis will gain. When coronavirus infection raged, this disease decreased but with the decline of that the disease is increasing. We’ve been staying at home and not going out for a long time, and now have sneeze and raining nose suddenly when go out. Serious symptom people have itching of eyes and ears.

 Spring is just around the corner. We’ll start making a decision whether mask on or off in March. I recommend mask on when you visit crowded or public places. Make a decision based on your surroundings.

When you return to your home,make gargling and washing hands into your habit to avoid infectious disease.