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 It has become colder in November.Autumn has gone and suddenly winter has come.The meteorological phenomenon earthshaking changed from the end of October when 2 big typhoons hit Japan.Under this unstable weather condition, infants and senior citizens had hard time to get through.
 After December comes, a few infectious diseases appeared but hemolytic streptococcal infection and hand foot and month disease are outstanding.Hand foot and mouth disease in this time is different from the kind which has prevailed in this summer, this is the typical type with no high fever.Also RS virus infection started spreading.
 We have the issue which is the shortage of influenza vaccine.In usual years now is the time for the second inoculation of influenza, but this year, many children haven't taken the first one yet.We receive influenza vaccine in October usually but because of the problem by influenza manufacturing administration the shipment table was delayed about 2 weeks.They had the plan to develop a new influenza vaccine this year but they failed that, consequently they modified their plan and they decided to manufacture the same vaccine as last year.That's the cause of the chaos.2 weeks delay made such a confusion because a pharmaceutical manufacturer produces vaccine by following a government's instructions.As I reported before, we need a fast Confirm by administration to manufacture vaccine, in order to do so we want to make a proposal to provide the special system of vaccine production.This system is different from the system of vaccine production of Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare.If this idea materialize, it's possible to catch up with advanced nations's vaccination systems.There is no border in disease, we'll get great benefits if we can share informations and cope effects, in the world.
 Type-B influenza already began to spread in some schools.
To avoid an infection, don't forget washing your hands and gargling.  

When you return to your home,make gargling and washing hands into your habit to avoid infectious disease.