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  It feels like the season has changed to summer all of the sudden. Actually, we’re in the middle of rainy season and we have a hard time wearing mask all day under this circumstance.

 The government didn’t cope with the situation at the early stages and new coronavirus variant started to spread, this condition was expected from before, though. Anyway, the important thing to avoid spreading is each person’s infection control. Including young generation, let’s care about each other and try to make a world better.
 Japan has problems about vaccination system. I was amazed by President Biden increased vaccination rates higher at U.S., so, I think we have to learn from him about how to make it. After all, our medical system has started from treatment from the beginning, now the time has come to change our way to prevention.

 RS virus infection is increasing. This is the first virus prevalent after COVID-19. I wonder if children are lost their physical strength by COVID-19, because RS virus infection usually spreads in winter among infants, I feel weird for why now because it’s summer now. This infectious disease infects by droplet infection and by contact infection, for sure. Therefor at a kindergarten or at a nursery school, when one child is contracted with RS virus, all classmates will be contract with it very soon. Of course it’s depending on individual differences, when a patient gets a serious condition, he must be hospitalized. Its treatment is symptomatic treatment which is as same as pneumonia treatment and as asthma treatment. We have vaccine for low birth weight infant.

 The seasons of food poisoning and of heat illness are coming. Get enough water supply and good rest while avoiding coronavirus.

When you return to your home,make gargling and washing hands into your habit to avoid infectious disease.