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 he recent weather, it’s been seeming like rainy season but we know early summer is just around the corner. Also we formerly had 4 seasons, but recently feel as to have 2 seasons, summer and winter. In this atmosphere coronavirus infection has been spreading as ever. Numbers of patients are decreasing little by little and to compare with that, they’re gaining at schools and at kindergartens. They reported new coronavirus variant but mostly omicron strain is reported in Japan. When children are infected with it their symptoms are not too serious but they are quarantined for 10 days by the designation of second-class infectious disease. Which means their family’s support is getting heavy. As I write, the numbers of patients are decreasing now, and the consecutive holidays are waiting for us. Consequently we have to see if coronavirus infection will increase again. We have been through a hard time for long and we have to keep our patience for a little more.

 There was an information about acute hepatitis in children is prevalent in Europe and in U.S.. It is said the cause of that rerated with adenovirus, please pay attention anyway. Infectious gastroenteritis is increasing. Also we have to be careful about food poisoning from now because temperature is raising.
 When the patients infected with coronavirus numbers decrease, the same amounts of numbers of patients infected with another virus increase therefor keep on protecting yourself with washing hands and gargling, also mask on whenever you go out.

When you return to your home,make gargling and washing hands into your habit to avoid infectious disease.