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 We still have to watch out the spreading of coronavirus infection even though it’s getting calm down. It might takes more than 6 months to clarify the essential of the virus. In whole world they confirmed when children were infected with coronavirus they had the symptoms similar as Kawasaki’s disease, but gradually they found it might be thrombosis. Symptoms are different by each internal organs but their whole bodies get sick of vasculitis and they get serious conditions. Thrombosis make different damages to any internal organs through blood vessels. As same as autoimmune disease, their own immunities attack their own bodies instead of they difend, so they make a serious damages to children when they’re weak physically. Nobody knows what’s gonna happen after deregulation and when the second and the third wave comes. The important thing is to keep feeling fear against coronavirus in right way. Japan’s economic situation is getting worse. Under this situation it’s impossible to develop our lives same as before and it’s necessary to take a new way of thinking. In everyday’s life, people over 3 years old, please wear masks, also whenever you return don’t forget do gargling and do washing hands. You will be safe if you get enough rest and get valanced nutrition.
 It takes more time to be ready coronavirus vaccine even though many laboratories and many enterprises in the planet are trying hard. If we can develop it in Japan, it must take 2, or 3 years. While we wait for them to complete it, we need to know how to examine at least. After autumn this year, at the influenza season, it’s easy to imagine the world of chaos, anyway, keep ourselves regularly and keep ourselves sanitary, and we take care of ourselves.  


When you return to your home,make gargling and washing hands into your habit to avoid infectious disease.