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 It’s becoming mostly autumn and a lot of people have health problems by the temperature difference between a day and a night.
 Coronavirus infection has been suffering us even though we’ve been trying to avoid spreading by emergency roles and we still can’t see no way out from.
 Japanese vaccine coverage is increasing ( nearly 60% of adults took 2nd shot, nearly 90% of elderly people did 2nd shot.) . Also decent restaurants obey a local government’s regulation and are waiting the moment when it’s over. In this circumstance some kids who can’t have self-control are protesting that and go out to look for some fun. It’s an emergency and they need a patient. Also there are some restaurants not obey regulation, it’s easy to blame them but before that we have to think about guarantee to make their lives. It’s difficult to balance regulation and guarantee.
 Under these unordinary days, children seems not to be well are increasing not only physically but also mentally. It’s so good if they can play in open space, but need a few more patience. In next year we will get corona remedy. Until then, let children play in a safety environment with avoiding coronavirus.
 Children suffering from stomach pain are increasing. You better let them wear warm pajamas to adjust their body temperature to next morning’s cold weather, and try not let them too much cold drinks.
 From now typhoons will come more often, therefor, if your children are allergic you have to pay attention.
 Influenza vaccination will start from October. As you know, corona vaccine inoculation has started already, consult with your doctor and make your vaccination schedule.

When you return to your home,make gargling and washing hands into your habit to avoid infectious disease.