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 The intense summer has ended finally and the weather became beautiful and comfortable now. However, this brings a temperature difference between day time and night time, naturally this weather condition makes us easy to get a cold. They say the people who lives in Shizuoka area can't fit their physical condition with the temperature difference over 10°C.
 Hand foot and mouth disease started spreading again.Many patients are a two-time infected with this virus because it may be the different kinds.At the same time, the spreading of RS virus infection which is reported by press many times, is continuing.Some serious effect of RS virus infection is childhood asthma, therefor we need a deep care about this.If he (or she) is involved by phlegm, take consultation with your doctor immediately.
 Also, mycoplasma pneumonia is a little spreading.When your child has cough more than 2 weeks, I recommend you to consult with your doctor.
 The class room was closed in Hamamatu city because of the epidemic of influenza.Last year's epidemic of influenza was small, therefor it might be the big one this year.Influenza vaccination will be ready at mid October.Whenever you are well and are ready to inoculate, take it positively from mid October.Remember you should take vaccination when it can prevent that disease.When people vaccinate simultaneously, entire prevention result will be increase, too.When vaccination percentage decreases, epidemics'll be larger.Of course this must be done only with the safe vaccine, and when you have a specific allergy or have fever, you have to ask what you have to do to your doctor.
 Autumn is the best season for athletics.Sweating by athletics shows the good evidence for skin.Why don't you do some sport with your family, maybe, they are jogging, walking or anything else.  

When you return to your home,make gargling and washing hands into your habit to avoid infectious disease.