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Hi, how are you ?


 There was a big difference of temperature between day and evening at May, it was high at daytime and it became low suddenly at sunset.Because of this, many children were suffered from a pain of throat and a long lasting cough.Also May was the season of the practice for an athletic meet, children were tired because of many practices, and the big difference of the temperature between day and evening gave the difficulties to keep their healthy physical conditions, too.
 After Golden Week was over, RS Virus infection and HMPV infection, these can influence a case of pneumonia of infants, were prevalent, also adenovirus infection which is a case of flu with eye mucus was spreading.
 We have to pay attention at this rainy season for food poisoning and for condition management.Recently we have unusual hot day , consequently an adult with a chronic illness or a child with a allergic illness need to pay a close attention.When children have less appetite or feel sluggish, they need to see their doctor sooner.
 One more thing.Recently some news media reports a gargling is useless for preventive measure against infectious disease, but a gargling works somehow , therefor I recommend when you wash your hand you gargle at the same time.
 You need a lot of physical strength at rainy season more than you imagine.I hope all is well with you taking enough rest and good nutrition.  

When you return to your home,make gargling and washing hands into your habit to avoid infectious disease.