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 “This winter is warm”, that’s the common phrase people talk in January. Nevertheless, influenza is starting to epidemic. However , it’s a limited prevalent at a particular classroom or at a particular activities. Type-A influenza is mainstream but also Type-B influenza is appearing. Influenza treatment medicine works well.
Infants have to stay still for 5 days and their fever requires confirmation of normal fever on the third, fourth, and fifth day after onset, and of course their appetite and coughing have to be recovered. Patients of elementary school age or older can go to school without fever and without coughing on the fourth and fifth days after onset, without transferring the disease to others. It’s maybe difficult to judge but from this year required certificate is changed, what to submit has been changed from a cure certificate to morbidity certificate.
That’s may be a little easier understanding, though there’s some trubles between schools which want to offer longer rest and parents who want to offer shorter rest. We, pediatrician, want to them rest at least a week. Because we want them to go to kindergarten and to schools after to cure bronchial sound which is its complications.
I heard they don’t let patients taking influenza treatment medicine or taking influenza checking all at once in foreign countries. There for doctors make patients rest for a week to ten days. Maybe it’s because of differences in health insurance system or differences in national character. Our health insurance system has a high quality but recently it’s burdening state expenses. Consequently, we have to notice to try solve what we can do on our own with the advice of professional.
 Human coronavirus pneumonia cause of China makes us very anxious. It might be pandemic worldwide but don’t get too sensitive and stay calm.

 Well, it’s still winter so, take care of yourself with washing your hands well and wearing musk for caring each other.  


When you return to your home,make gargling and washing hands into your habit to avoid infectious disease.