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Hi, how are you ?


 We wondered when this moist and unprecedented heat summer would be over, but after equinox we noticed the season was forwarding to autumn and also we felt the atmosphere was getting cooler in the morning and in the evening. Whenever a climate has changed, many people get sick because of the temperature difference between day and night, doesn’t it ? Lack of rest and of well balanced nutrition can be a cause of sickness, so you have to be careful about them.
 Hand foot and month disease is still prevailing. When you can confirm your kid has no fever, has appetite, you can let him go to kindergarten but you have to be sure about that.
 Adenovirus infection which is so called pool fever is still spreading, too. The characteristic of this period of the season is that summer infection is still staying.
 Though we’re not sure when they start to ship influenza vaccine we plan to begin influenza vaccination at mid October. They reported influenza already began to spread in Japan, so we have to pay attention about that.
 Recently many people are suffered from digestive trouble because they were too exhausted by summer heat, and to keep yourself being well I recommend you to take a good nutrition and to take vitamin from vegetable.  


When you return to your home,make gargling and washing hands into your habit to avoid infectious disease.