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Hi, how are you ?


 Spring is full blooming now.This spring, cherry blossom started earlier than usual years and the temperature was higher than average.The new life for students is about beginning and the epidemic of influenza is almost ending.
 The numbers of children who are infected with a cold are increasing because of the big difference of the temperature between day and night, also some of them are infected with hemolytic streptococcal infection and with Mycoplasma pneumonia.
 Obscure infection which is human metapneumovirus.HMPV is spreading quietly.Pediatrician has been taking a focus of this virus, so we developed a rapid test kit and we don't have a hard time to diagnose it.The symptom is Respiratory tract infection, it's similar to RS virus infection, with long lasting cough and with fever.Dare to say, its symptoms are more stronger.A cure for this disease is symptomatic therapy.For example, keep a room warm with enough moisture for a remedy of throat and of fever.You will recover about a week to 10 days, but sometimes you have to be in hospital when you can't get enough water and nutrition.
 Patients infected with Infectious gastroenteritis are increasing recently.Washing your hands regularly and not drinking too much cold drinks which makes your body cold will save yourself from the disease.

 Well, freshmen are tense and nervous in this season.Eat and sleep regularly, and you get your healthy and cheerful days.


When you return to your home,make gargling and washing hands into your habit to avoid infectious disease.