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 Spring has come but it was cold daytime and nighttime as if it's still in winter, and because of this weather many people got illness.
 Epidemic of influenza seemed almost over once, but it revived at mid March, and this phenomenon kept pediatrician being anxious. Nasal allergy and infectious gastroenteritis increased when it became warm in usual years, but this year isn't like that and many patients contracted a sore throat because of a temperature difference between daytime and nighttime, and pediatrician had to be careful whenever making a diagnosis because it has a similar symptom of hemolytic streptococcal infection. Many infants and senior citizens have not been well for many weeks, and their numbers are increasing now, that's because of the big temperature difference of day and night. Decreasing of an appetite makes a lack of a physical strength, and that makes easier to be infected with a disease, and as a result, the disease is prolonged. Most of all, decreasing of an appetite is the cause of a lack of a physical strength, that's worse than overweight. To take appropriate diet and enough rest are the important matters to keep ourselves healthy, but that's not easy. If I dare to say, to eat some seasonal foods and not to make full your stomach are necessary.

 People pay a big attention to infantile developmental disorder recently. This mental trouble has existed for long, but patients became to have difficulties to make relationships with another people because the society is getting more complicated than old days. In old days, people knew patients were a little different from other people but they thought this difference was their individuality, but today they don't think this is their individuality and finally the patients are isolated and can't deal with the society. Children aren't independent, they need somebody's support, also individual's growing speed is different. You have to remember each children are different. Fundamentally, children hate to be scolded, they love to be praised and that's why they learn. Also child have a distinctive characteristic which they can't understand if they aren't taught as a member of society what is right and what is wrong. As an adult we have a responsibility for children who are infantile development disorder to care about their mental conditions because each of them are different by their characters or by their environment. They might be hurt if we do wrong when we talk and teach. ADHD (Attention-Dificit/Hyperacivity Disorder ), Autism and Learning Disability are development disorder. Usually symptoms are mixed realistically, and each methods are different therefor we need to cope with various environments.
 Infantile development disorder will be social problems from now, but we found the symptom will be improved if we start treatment at early child age, and it's a good idea to watch that with whole society.

 The name of a Japanese era will start in next month, and to make a better country, let's keep on going forward with our spirit higher.  

When you return to your home,make gargling and washing hands into your habit to avoid infectious disease.