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  It became cool after passing the equinoctial week.
 We have to be careful about COVID-19 changes from now to winter even though we don’t have many serious patients recently. It’s important to see how many people were infected after the long holidays in September. After all, Coronavirus infection is similar as cold at the first time but it became serious infection with changing. Also human has not experienced it before and we are not able to foresee the future therefor we have to study and to wait until it’ll become a regular infection. I think we ought to watch whole conditions for few days after we have a fever then decide what we have to do. I don’t think it’s a good idea to take too much test because it makes you to increase anxiety.
 Japanese government makes a project which is “GO TO CAMPAIGN”, which isn’t a bad idea in economically, but people has to pay attention where and when he goes. Of course you have to ware a defense things wherever you go. Also you can choose you go nowhere.
 Influenza vaccination starts from October. I understand there are many appointments in each medical institutions. Please wait for your turn, you’ll not miss that. The Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare proposes an inoculation schedule but that is only a reference, infants have priority and we start to inoculate as soon as vaccine arrives.
 At Shizuoka city it was decided patients can’t take influenza test at emergency medical-examination authorities for avoiding confusion of Coronavirus infection. It’s because avoiding the confusion and intensive. The close cooperation of district is necessary to avoid medical collapse when the big wave of second Coronavirus infection will start to spread.
 We have to do gargling, washing hands and wearing mask to avoid infection, and to get enough rest, quality of nutrition and doing exercise to be well.  

When you return to your home,make gargling and washing hands into your habit to avoid infectious disease.