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   There might be many children who don't feel well and stay at home to get treatment because temperature went down suddenly at the end October.
 Coronavirus infection never stop infecting even when it seems decreasing. Some number of children got coronavirus vaccine but half of all children have not get it yet. However, from 6 months to 4 years old of them will be able to take dedicated one from November. Therefor if it’s possible parents to think the same way as taking influenza vaccine to their children, we can make increasing of vaccination rate. Infection rate will decrease when vaccination rate will be more than 70%.
 Respiratory syncytial virus infection and human metapneumovirus infection are infecting in some extent. Both infections make infants serious condition and you have to be careful. Also when air gets dry, the respiratory system is easily to be damaged and you need to hurry to get medical examination.
 In usual years infectious gastroenteritis increases from now. Physical tiredness after summer and phenomena changes of the season make an influence your stomach and intestines, please be careful.
 I suppose influenza will spread this winter because its epidemic was reported in the southern hemisphere. It probably start infecting after decrease in corona infections, influenza hasn’t appeared for 3 years.
 Whichever it is, Japanese is ready for avoiding infection with washing hands , mask on and disinfection, other things we need are good resistance, rests and proper nutrition. Of course influenza vaccination is important. Shizuoka City has started a subsidy for influenza vaccination for children under 3 years old from this year, so please take advantage of it.
 Season is changing and the big risk of catching cold is there, stay well with gargling and disinfecting, mask on in a crowd.

When you return to your home,make gargling and washing hands into your habit to avoid infectious disease.