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Hi, how are you ?


 Covid-19 ( Coronavirus infection ) has been sweeping all over the country. It has been passed 5 months from the first epidemic but it doesn’t seem getting calm down. Far from that, the second infection wave is starting to attack because of ‘ Go To Travel ‘ campaign by the Japanese government. Naturally, amount of positive patients are increasing because many people are taking PCR test recently. It’s confusing to announce only positive patient’s numbers because that doesn’t show onset numbers. When we compare mortality ratios with another country, Japanese rate isn’t high, even so, elderly people of advanced age and people with chronic diseases have to be very careful with that. A little by little, this virus’s essence is being elucidated. It has various types with various symptoms. About 23 kinds of vaccines are developed in whole planet. After taking clinical examination, we will get the most safe one.You can take PCR test and antigen test. When you take antibody test you have to know the result doesn’t show you’re infected with, so you have to be careful about that. Also, new virus test kit which can analyze various of viruses including influenza is going to come on the market shortly. This will be helpful if it’s very precise.
 Gastroenteritis and hemolytic streptococcal infection are increasing now. Of course you shouldn’t forget about heat attack from now. I notice some children are mentally tired recently. When you feel your children are not well and are loss appetite, let talk with them more often.

 Regulation of ordinary life continues and you can’t get a peace of mind, please try to take enough rest and take balanced nutrition, also don’t forget washing your hands and gargling whenever you can. Please wear mask whenever you go out, but you can make your own decision whether wear it or not when nobody is around you.  


When you return to your home,make gargling and washing hands into your habit to avoid infectious disease.