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Hi, how are you ?


  It feels like mid spring now.
In usual years, swallows arrive and make the nest to nurse their babies at under the eaves of my house but they don’t show up this year yet. I feel lonesome if that’s because of changes in the global environment or the effects of COVID-19. I feel people are getting used to COVID-19 and are not getting too serious about it recently.
 Some people worry about corona mutant but there’s nothing new to avoid it for us because we have done the defending matters already before, things we’ll do from now are scientific defense measures as vaccination and keeping social distance and avoiding congestion. I recommend you to visit the places where isn’t too crowded time to time because when you stay at home too long you are easy to get depression.
 Corona vaccine will start at Shizuoka area finally. They don’t announce how we’ll take it either individual inoculation or mass inoculation. If it’s possible, to take it at your home doctor’s because that makes you feeling easy. Infectious gastroenteritis is spreading recently. Many of the patients have vomiting and their gastrointestinal don’t work well, that may be because of seasonal changes.
 People are suffered with Allergic rhinitis cause of cedar turns to allergic rhinitis cause of cypress now. Many patients are suffering from pain throat. Soon or later many people will have a bad physical condition because of the difference of the temperature between daytime and nighttime.
 Get some exercise and get ready for new days of kindergarten and new days of school. Also please wait for a moment to take corona vaccine for children, for after all adults finish taking it their turn will come.  

When you return to your home,make gargling and washing hands into your habit to avoid infectious disease.